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Brear, AnneMarie2022
London, 1929. Lady Alice Mayton-Walsh has always been a free independent spirit. With wealth and position, Alice defies convention and created, Sheer, a women's magazine. However, after years of hard work, she finds that her life isn't as complete as she expected it to be. Then her brother's best...
List view record 2: Death of a hereticList view anchor tag for record 2: Death of a heretic
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Death of a heretic

Tremayne, Peter2022
Ireland, AD 672. The abbey of Muman at Imleach Iubhair is being renovated when its guests' hostel burns to the ground. There is one fatality: Bishop Brodulf of Luxovium, a distinguished visitor and cousin to the King of Franks. Sister Fidelma is asked by Abbot Cuǹ to investigate the unfortunate ...
List view record 3: The diamond daughterList view anchor tag for record 3: The diamond daughter
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The diamond daughter

Trotter, Janet MacLeod, 1958-2022
Filled with excitement and trepidation, Jeanie Munro is returning to India and her husband Mungo, having been forced apart from him by the Second World War. Together, they can start their longed-for family. But post-war India is in a ferment of change and the undercurrents of tension begin to dis...
List view record 4: The eight year lieList view anchor tag for record 4: The eight year lie
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The eight year lie

Hewitt, J. M.2022
Jessica returns home one day to find her husband, Patrick, dead. It's unclear what caused his death and though the shock is huge, she cannot pretend it's entirely unexpected. The police have questions, and Jessica knows that once they hear the answers her fate may well be sealed. Eight years ago,...
List view record 5: Everyday kindness : a collection of uplifting tales to brighten your dayList view anchor tag for record 5: Everyday kindness : a collection of uplifting tales to brighten your day
List view record 6: Flying angelsList view anchor tag for record 6: Flying angels
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Flying angels

Steel, Danielle2022
It is 1941 and the devastating loss of life following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor leaves best friends Audrey and Lizzie distraught and bereft as they lose someone they both love deeply. As they come to terms with their grief, their resolve to play a worthwhile role towards the war effort ...
List view record 7: Gracie's prideList view anchor tag for record 7: Gracie's pride
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Gracie's pride

Adam, Lilly2022
In 1851, Joshua Browning sets off to join the Californian gold rush, leaving his wife and twin sons behind to run Hatherton Farm. Squire Cameron Marshall soon plots a way to regain the few acres of land, which he believes are rightfully his. Gracie Browning soon finds herself at the mercy of the ...
List view record 8: The guardian angelList view anchor tag for record 8: The guardian angel
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The guardian angel

Seeley, Kay2022
When Nell Draper leaves the workhouse to care for the five-year-old son of Lord Eversham, a wealthy landowner, she has no idea of the heartache that lies ahead of her. Robert can't speak. He can't tell her what makes him happy or sad. Nell has to work that out for herself. And not everyone is hap...
List view record 9: The leaving of LiverpoolList view anchor tag for record 9: The leaving of Liverpool
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The leaving of Liverpool

Andrews, Lyn2022
It is 1919. Liverpool has been devastated by World War I. But at last the war is over. Emily Parkinson goes back into service and enjoys the return to normality. But her sister Phoebe-Anne has ideas beyond her station. Working as a lady's maid, Phoebe-Ann hopes that one day she will be more than ...
List view record 10: Operation MoonlightList view anchor tag for record 10: Operation Moonlight
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Operation Moonlight

Morrish, Louise2022
1944. Newly recruited SOE agent Elisabeth Shepherd is faced with an impossible mission: to parachute behind enemy lines into Nazi-occupied France and monitor the new long-range missiles the Germans are working on. Her only advice? Trust absolutely no one. With danger lurking at every turn, one wr...
List view record 11: The runaway familyList view anchor tag for record 11: The runaway family
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The runaway family

Costeloe, Diney2022
Germany, 1937: when Ruth Friedman's husband is arrested by the SS, she is left to fend for herself and her four children. She alone stands as their shield against the Nazis. But where can she go? Where will her family be safe? She must overcome the indifference, hatred and cruelty that surrounds ...
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Summer fever

Riordan, Kate2022
When she discovers Villa Luna Rossa, a crumbling villa in the Italian countryside, she convinces her husband Nick to embark on a new life there. But as the intense summer heat rises, Laura quickly realises that her issues with Nick haven't been left behind. So it's a relief when their first guest...
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List view record 14: Trouble in the ValleysList view anchor tag for record 14: Trouble in the Valleys
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Trouble in the Valleys

Capaldi, Francesca2022
Spring 1919: WW1 might be over, but the inhabitants of Dorcalon in the Welsh Valleys still feel the pain of the war that took so many of their men. Polly Smith is trying to survive her own battle at home. After her abusive husband, Gus, was finally jailed, Polly has been raising her two-year-old ...
List view record 15: Wartime bridesList view anchor tag for record 15: Wartime brides
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Wartime brides

Holmes, Jenny, 1968-2022
Spring, 1942. Lizzie is making plans for her wedding with fiancé Bill. But preparations during wartime aren't easy, and attacks on the Yorkshire port of Kelthorpe are only getting worse. Connie wants to be there for her sister, but she has troubles of her own - a secret that is driving a wedge b...
List view record 16: The waste landList view anchor tag for record 16: The waste land
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The waste land

Hodkinson, Tim, 1971-2022
1316 AD. Richard Savage thought he had left the war in Ireland behind, but arch enemy Edward Bruce won't let him just walk away. Savage stole something from him, and he'll get it back at any cost. To force Savage's return, Bruce takes what is most dear to him, his daughter Galiene. Desperate to s...
List view record 17: What Eden did nextList view anchor tag for record 17: What Eden did next
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What Eden did next

O'Flanagan, Sheila2022
Five years after the death of her firefighter husband, Eden knows better than anyone that life can change in an instant. Now, instead of the future she had planned with Andy, she has Lila - the daughter he never got the chance to meet. And instead of Andy, she has his family. Then Eden meets some...
List view record 18: What we may becomeList view anchor tag for record 18: What we may become
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What we may become

Messineo, Teresa2022
Tuscany, 1945. As the war in Europe ends, American Red Cross nurse Diana Bolsena finds herself separated from her unit. Unable to reconnect with the American army, she's left to survive with nothing but her spirit, her talents as a nurse, and her nightmares of the horror of war. Determined to ret...
List view record 19: Mad and Bad [electronic resource] : Real Heroines of the RegencyList view anchor tag for record 19: Mad and Bad [electronic resource] : Real Heroines of the Regency
List view record 20: The Natural Health Service [electronic resource] : What the Great Outdoors Can Do For Your MindList view anchor tag for record 20: The Natural Health Service [electronic resource] : What the Great Outdoors Can Do For Your Mind
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