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List view record 1: Christmas dreamsList view anchor tag for record 1: Christmas dreams
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Christmas dreams

Holmes, Jenny, 1968-2023
November 1942. Even during wartime, the glitz and glamour of the ballroom shines through at Christmas and Blackpool is determined to celebrate against all odds. After all, the show must go on. Pearl should be enjoying newlywed bliss, but her beloved Bernie has been called up for duty. Will dancin...
List view record 2: The cottage by the shoreList view anchor tag for record 2: The cottage by the shore
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The cottage by the shore

Lucas, Rachael2023
Small animal vet Sophie Jones has seen her daughter off to university in the USA. As a single parent with an empty nest, she surprises herself - taking a job in a tiny village of Applemore in the Highlands of Scotland. Hundreds of miles from home, she can try to escape the fear that her past migh...
List view record 3: Danger of defeatList view anchor tag for record 3: Danger of defeat
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Danger of defeat

Marston, Edward2023
February 1918. Detective Inspector Harvey Marmion and Detective Sergeant Joe Keedy are pulled from their beds to attend a sinister siege involving three burglars where one policeman has already been shot dead. Attempts at talking the men in the house into surrender are met with stony silence so t...
List view record 4: A daughter's heartbreakList view anchor tag for record 4: A daughter's heartbreak
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A daughter's heartbreak

Brellend, Kay2023
1916. East London. When 16-year-old Clover Cooper's mother, Iris, calls her home from work one day, the last thing Clover expects is to find that her mother has given birth to another baby. After all, Clover's unpleasant father, Sidney, has been in France for longer than nine months. Banned from ...
List view record 5: Droits of the crownList view anchor tag for record 5: Droits of the crown
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Droits of the crown

Donachie, David, 1944-2023
John Pearce faces a court martial, but will a cowardly chief witness stand up to questioning? With the matter unresolved, HMS Hazard is put under the command of Horatio Nelson. In London, the government denies prize money for the cargo of silver Pearce took off the Santa Leocadia, claiming it as ...
List view record 6: The fortune tellers' secretList view anchor tag for record 6: The fortune tellers' secret
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The fortune tellers' secret

Mason, Maggie, 1945-2023
Blackpool, 1922. Martha and Trisha may have escaped poverty, but their fortunes have yet to turn. Blissfully happy on her wedding day, Trisha's new fairy-tale romance soon darkens as her husband, Walter, keeps her at arms length. Between his secrecy, and her mother-in-law's coldness , Trisha feel...
List view record 7: King of the NorthList view anchor tag for record 7: King of the North
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King of the North

Donald, Angus, 1965-2023
Spring, AD 777. Sigurd Hring, new King of the Svear, is summoning all the greatest warriors of the North to his banner, promising them riches and glory. He invites Bjarki Bloodhand, the famous berserkr who can summon the fury of a wild bear in battle, to swear an oath of fealty to him. But Bjarki...
List view record 8: Light over LiskeardList view anchor tag for record 8: Light over Liskeard
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Light over Liskeard

De Bernières, Louis2023
Q wants a simpler and safer life. His work as a quantum cryptographer for the government has led him to believe a crisis is imminent for civilisation, and he's looking for somewhere to ride out what's ahead. He buys a ruined farmhouse in Cornwall and begins to build his own self-sufficient haven....
List view record 9: Mrs Pargeter's patioList view anchor tag for record 9: Mrs Pargeter's patio
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Mrs Pargeter's patio

Brett, Simon2023
When widow Mrs Pargeter finds a human skull with a neat hole in the middle of its forehead under her patio, she starts investigating the curious find. It was definitely a murder, but who is the mysterious victim? And more importantly, who put the body under Mrs Pargeter's patio? Surely this has n...
List view record 10: NemesisList view anchor tag for record 10: Nemesis
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Barnes, Kerry2023
Georgie Deacon thinks nothing of it when a gang of girls led by Yasmin, a member of the notorious Marx family, knock at her door and threaten to hurt her daughter - that is until her daughter doesn't return home. Detective Clark Kims ignores Georgie's plea to have the gang of girls brought in for...
List view record 11: The night houseList view anchor tag for record 11: The night house
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The night house

Nesbø, Jo, 1960-2023
In the wake of his parents' tragic deaths in a house fire, fourteen-year-old Richard Elauved has been sent to live with his aunt and uncle in the remote, insular town of Ballantyne. Richard quickly earns a reputation as an outcast, and when a classmate named Tom goes missing, everyone suspects th...
List view record 12: The nightingale daughtersList view anchor tag for record 12: The nightingale daughters
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The nightingale daughters

Douglas, Donna2023
It's 1957, and three young women are beginning their nursing training at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in London's East End. Winnie is determined to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a nurse, despite her family's desire for her to settle down and marry her sweetheart. Cat has been s...
List view record 13: Payback in deathList view anchor tag for record 13: Payback in death
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Payback in death

Robb, J. D., 1950-2023
When a retired police officer is found shot dead in his home, Eve and the team are called to the scene to investigate. It looks as though the dead man committed suicide but Eve smells foul play. Is everything as straightforward as it appears or is there more to it than meets the eye? Or could som...
List view record 14: The pieces of usList view anchor tag for record 14: The pieces of us
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The pieces of us

Montague, Caroline2023
Marina and Hugh were once madly in love. But after the loss of their beautiful little daughter, grief has created a distance between them that feels impossible to bridge. Marina knows leaving Italy is the only way they will be able to move on, but Thorncliffe Hall, Hugh's family home in England, ...
List view record 15: The Rachel incidentList view anchor tag for record 15: The Rachel incident
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The Rachel incident

O'Donoghue, Caroline2023
When Rachel falls in love with her married professor, Dr Byrne, her best friend James helps her devise a plan to seduce him. But what begins as a harmless crush soon pushes their friendship to its limits. Over the course of a year they will find their lives ever more entwined with the Byrnes' and...
List view record 16: SandstormList view anchor tag for record 16: Sandstorm
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Dawson, Mark, 1973-2023
In the city of Cairo, a sandstorm is coming. Group Fifteen operative and ex-MI6 officer Charlie Cooper is working undercover as a political negotiator. Attending a conference surrounded by diplomats, businessmen and lobbyists, nobody would suspect what he really does for a living. Also in their m...
List view record 17: Scarlet townList view anchor tag for record 17: Scarlet town
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Scarlet town

Nattrass, Leonora2023
1796. Disgraced former Foreign Office clerk Laurence Jago and his larger-than-life employer the journalist William Philpott have escaped America - and Philpott's near imprisonment for libel - by the skin of their teeth. They return to Laurence's home town of Helston, Cornwall, in the hope of rest...
List view record 18: The secret hoursList view anchor tag for record 18: The secret hours
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The secret hours

Herron, Mick2023
Monochrome is a busted flush. Beginning as an investigation into the historical misdeeds of the intelligence services by a vindicative prime minister, Monochrome is now circling the drain, much like the careers of the two civil servants - Griselda Fleet and Malcolm Kyle - charged with overseeing ...
List view record 19: Sepulchre StreetList view anchor tag for record 19: Sepulchre Street
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Sepulchre Street

Edwards, Martin, 1955-2023
London, 1930s: Rachel Savernake has been invited to a private view of an art exhibition at a fashionable gallery. The artist, Damaris Gethin, known as 'the Queen of Surrealism', is debuting a show featuring live models pretending to be waxworks of famous killers. Before her welcoming speech, Dama...
List view record 20: A stroke of the pen : the lost storiesList view anchor tag for record 20: A stroke of the pen : the lost stories
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